Why Eyelash Extensions Are Better Than Mascara

The debate between mascara and eyelash extensions has been going on since a long time. Though some girls still cannot decide on getting eyelash extensions, these extensions are very much in trend and are also beneficial. There are many false notions attached to the idea of eyelash extensions but it is necessary to get first-hand information to avoid any misconceptions. For many women, mascara still remains a must-have makeup product. However, with the changing times and new-age makeup products, eyelash extensions have also made a concrete place in this industry. There are many centres for eyelash extensions in Melbourne. Check out the advantages of eyelash extensions over mascara.

Perfect eyelashes

No matter which mascara you use or how perfectly you apply it, a mascara can only enhance the existing eyelashes. With eyelash extensions, you are bound to get impeccable eyelashes without reapplying any makeup product time and again. Moreover, you can choose the extensions according to your face type which further beautifies the whole face.

Saves time

Applying eyelash extensions once and for all can save you some time on makeup too. Though you might have to invest time in applying other makeup products but when it comes to the eyes you are already good to go.

Long-lasting than mascara

A good-quality eyelash extension easily lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. Due to the same, there is no need to apply mascara every time you go out. Well, it can also save you some bucks because you no longer have to stock on mascara time and again. Moreover, eyelash extensions can be called as one of the most cost-effective beauty treatments.

Gives a natural look

Mascara tends to smudge a lot but eyelash extensions are safe that way. Sometimes, the mascara might get clogged between the eyelashes and it becomes difficult to remove it. In case of eyelash extensions, there are no such hassles. Additionally, eyelash extensions give a natural look to the face.

Try out eyelash extensions in Melbourne and get rid of your mascara applying routine.

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