Tips to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are important for people who want to perfect their eye makeup. It is necessary to check for quality when it comes to eyelash extensions. Long and thick eyelashes can enhance your overall look if applied with care and precision. The application of eyelash extensions needs loads of patience and technique. Most women who go for eyelash extensions are not aware of how to take care of the same. Here are some tips to take care of eyelash extensions-

  • Use oil-free products

Eyelash extensions are quite delicate and can get affected by the use of oily products. Make sure you avoid the usage of oily products especially when it comes to eye makeup. Even if you have oily skin, you should try and control the accumulation of the oil by using tissues or face wash. Moreover, you should not use makeup removers which are oil-based. Go for oil-free cleansers and your eyelashes are likely to stay longer.

  • Avoid touching them frequently

Most women have an urge to play with their eyelashes and this can happen even with eyelash extensions. It is best not to touch eyelash extensions again and again because it not only reduces the life of the extensions but can also hamper your natural eyelashes. Also, make sure you do not rub your eyes too hard because it can damage the extensions to a great extent.

  • Don’t use curlers and mascara

Eyelash extensions are tricky to handle because they are applied using a specially formulated glue. Avoid the use of curlers on eyelash extensions because the extensions are too soft and the curl won’t go away. If you feel a need to shape your extensions, comb them up lightly. Additionally, it is best not to use mascara on eyelash extensions because in order to remove the mascara, one might then have to use a makeup remover which can be harmful.

  • Regular grooming

It is essential to visit your eyelash extension stylist regularly to maintain them. Your stylist can groom your extensions and this will help them stay longer.

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