How about always-on mascara?

If this Sounds Exciting, then Our Eyelash Tinting near East Melbourne

Your lashes can dramatically transform the way you look, for better or worse. There are few things that can beat the feminine allure of long, dark and thick lashes. Mascara can be a good go-to, if you are willing to spend a few extra minutes every morning to touch up your lashes. But that comes with the risk of smudging too, as the day passes. And while there are lash extensions and false eyelashes that can do this for you, they can be an expensive proposition and difficult to maintain. This is where eyelash tinting comes in. This combines the best of both worlds, giving you an always-on mascara like effect without the risk of smudging, at an affordable price with no downtime. Yes, it is pretty good and it is true too!

What is Eyelash Tinting and How Does it Work?

Eyelash tinting is just like getting a root touch-up, but for your eyelashes. It is a simple procedure that takes just few minutes. All that you need to do is just come in, recline on our comfortable chairs, and allow our lash technicians to work their magic. A special dye will then be painted onto your eyelashes, giving you many weeks of darker, fuller lashes without the need for make-up or extensions. We also use protective shields around the eye to prevent the dye from spilling over onto the surrounding areas. This is a quick procedure and there is practically no down-time!

Is this a Safe Procedure?

Yes. We use a specially formulated dye that is safe to use around the eyes. We also recommend that you have a patch test done prior to lash tinting, just like you do for hair colour, to rule out any allergies.

While this is suitable for all, those who have very sensitive skin, eye infections or other eye-related conditions like conjunctivitis, redness or irritation should avoid getting this done until their eyes are back to normal.

How Long do the Results Last for?

For most of our clients, the eyelash tinting results last for about 4-5 weeks. Over this time, some lashes might likely fall off and new ones may come, making your lash line gradually lighter. This is when you can come in to repeat this procedure.

It also helps to steer clear of oil based cleansers or oil based makeup removers, to make the results last longer.

Who Would be anIdeal Candidate for this?

If you happen to have light coloured lashes, then getting an eyelash tinting done at our lash bar near Thornbury, East Melbourne can create a dramatic new look for you. In case you happen to have darker lashes but would like them to look more defined, then you could come over as well.

So if you would like flatter-worthy fluttery eyes even when you wake up, this procedure is for you. Our eyelash tinting service is also popular amongst those in  East Melbourne. Call us to schedule an appointment with our experienced lash technicians at our brow and lash bar in St Fitzroy.

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