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Eyebrows are often an underrated aspect of facial beauty, you would never think much about them until they look off. But you will agree that the shape and thickness of your brows can really change the way you look. Today, there are multiple options for you to maintain and grooming your brows, like tweezing, waxing and microblading. But eyebrow threading is by far the most popular one, and this isn’t surprising.

Have you ever wondered how a seemingly simple cotton thread can give you the perfect eyebrows? Learn more about this ancient beauty technique.

What is Eyebrow Threading?

This is a centuries-old hair removal technique, with origins in Asia. The only tools required for this procedure is a string of cotton thread and an expert brow artist. While this might sound simple, there is more to eyebrow threading. The brow artist needs to twist the cotton thread and use it at the right angles in rhythmic strokes, to precisely trap and remove the extra or unwanted hair right from their roots.

.There are no harsh chemicals used so there is no irritation, and this is a completely hygienic method for hair removal. And unlike waxing, there is no risk of the skin being burnt or pulled out. All of these reasons have made eyebrow threading a very popular choice among women in Melbourne.

At Play Brow Bar, you will first have a consultation to decide on the shape and design of the brow you want. It is only after you are completely satisfied with the design that our brow artist will commence with the threading procedure. The whole process will likely take around 15-20 minutes and requires no downtime.

Unlike other conventional methods like waxing or plucking, this is a much gentler and pain-free method, suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

Is this painful?

Our clients agree that eyebrow threading is not as painful as waxing and tweezing. However, there will be some redness due to skin stimulation post the procedure, which will usually subside in a few minutes. However, as this procedure can target individual hair, the overall irritation is minimized.

What are the main benefits of eyebrow threading?

Apart from being less painful, there are many more benefits to eyebrow threading.

      1. It is 100% natural and safe for all types of skin
          Threading requires very simple tools, and no other harsh chemicals. Hot waxing can cause discomfort and pain, not to mention the risk of your tender facial skin being peeled off. There are also no harsh creams or chemicals used, and there is minimal contact between the thread and your skin. It is even safe for those with acne.
      2. It is super precise Here is where this technique scores really high! Sometimes during tweezing at home, you could mistakenly remove the wrong hair, which will lead to an unbalanced shape, and you will not have much option but to fill it in and wait it out. Eyebrow threading can precisely target even fine hairs that don’t stick to waxing strips, to give you beautifully shaped brows the way you want.For perfectly arched brows that invite second glances wherever you go, book your appointment with us today!
      3. Economical
        Eyebrow threading is a comparatively pocket friendly procedure over the longer term. This is because this procedure uproots hair from their roots, and over time, the new hair will grow back thinner and finer. Also, they take much longer to grow back after repeated threading. This will result in fewer visits to the salon, and a saving on your grooming expenses.

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