Eye Brow Threading Prices

Eyebrow Thread or Wax


Upper Lip Thread or Wax


Chin thread or Wax


Sides thread or Wax


Neck thread or Wax


Forehead Thread or Wax


Full Face thread or Wax



Eyebrow shape + Brow tint & Upper lip thread/wax


Eyebrow shape + Brow tint & Lash tint


Full Face package includes Brows, Lip, Sides, Chin, FOREHEAD & Neck – normal value $87 SAVE $28!


Who does not wish to have perfectly shaped eyebrow? Don’t worry if you are not blessed with naturally shaped eyebrows as you can now get then shaped with the help of eyebrow threading by well-trained professions in Play Brow and Lash Bar.

The art of eyebrow threading is one of the ancient techniques of shaping which originated in Asia, now it is becoming popular in other parts of the world due to its perfect results that too without any side effects.


Eyebrow tinting is safer than dying your eyebrows at home yourself. Putting any chemical near the eyes is extremely harmful and must be avoided. We make sure to comply with safety measures thereby minimizing the risk of anything going wrong. We carry out a patch test at least 24hrs prior to the treatment so as to avoid any infection or harmful effects that tinting might have on you. Also, we use a lubricant to avoid tint getting on to your skin and use a disposable applicator to prevent the spreading of infection between our different clients.

We are located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. People living at or nearby in suburbs such as Brunswick, Carlton, Collingwood, Richmond or in East Melbourne prefer to visit us. This is because of the trust that we have built with our services. We hope to see you too to try out our outstanding services, like eyebrow tinting.


We at Play Brow and Lash Bar offer eyebrow threading treatment for our clients who wish to shape their eyebrows without the use of any chemicals. The best part about eyebrow threading is that it makes use of gentle techniques which does not harm the skin. The eyebrows are shaped with the use of thread which fosters finer and softer regrowth of hair.


Eye Brow Threading does not involve the use of any tools and equipment other than a cotton thread. A sharp and precise role of cotton thread extracts the hair from the follicle, thereby giving a precise shape. Since it is such a safe and a gentle technique, therefore, it can also be used for other parts of the face such as the upper lip and the chin.


Unlike any other hair removal treatment, eyebrow threading is much gentler and almost pain-free. We at Play Brow and Lash Bar offer one of the best services in hair removal. Our teams of professionals have several years of experience and are well versed in providing custom made services to our clients.


It completely depends on the growth of your hair, however normally it is advisable to follow up after 2-3 weeks. We are located in Fitzroy. Very often customers from adjoining areas of Richmond, Collingwood, Carlton, and Brunswick also pay us a visit to try out our outstanding services.