What is Brow Lamination ?

Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows, as it gives them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time. Instead of curls, a setting lotion helps brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upward for about 6-8 weeks.
Brow lamination works in a similar way to a lash lift, and is designed to open up your eyes. The process essentially involves straightening eyebrow hairs using a chemical solution, so that they all stand in the desired direction.

Who can benefit from Brow Lamination ?

Those who LOVE the look of a fluffy brow, those considering microblading those without sensitive skin, thin brows, dense brows, sparse brows, curly brows and coarse brows.

Is Brow Lamination Safe ?

Brow Lamination a perfectly safe treatment. Your stylist will ask relevant questions to ensure that the treatment and products are suitable for you.

Although there are some who may not be intended for this service. That includes those: Who are pregnant/ breastfeeding, using Retinol, Retin A, Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Accutane, ProActive, AHA, BHA, who have recently had permanent makeup done within the last 6 weeks, ultra sensitive skin, Eczema or Psoriasis.

Brow Lamination aftercare ?

For the first 48-hours following your Brow Lamination treatment, DO NOT:
  • Wet or rub your eyebrows
  • Apply any cream or oils around the eyebrow area
  • Apply any makeup on the brows
  • Take a sauna, steamy shower or sweat excessively
  • After this time, you can treat them normal, simply brushing into place every morning with a spoolie.

Brow Lamination


Brow lamination + Brow shape + Henna Brow Tint


Brow lamination + Brow shape + Brow Tint


Brow lamination + brow tint+ lash tint


Brow lamination+Brow shape+Brow tinting+Lash tint