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If you are looking to glam up your face, there are few features that can accentuate your look as well as well-defined eyelashes. Since times immemorial, thick, full and long lashes have always been considered to be a mark of beauty and this is sure to stay. So if you are looking for a bolder lash line, but without having to spend precious time coating on layers of mascara every morning or putting on false lashes, then eyelash extensions are for you.

Lash extensions are a great way to add more length, volume and fullness to your natural eyelashes with the help of individual lashes glued over your existing lashes. The result is a beautiful set of flattering eyelashes that look done-up, even when you are straight out of bed. This is a semi-permanent treatment, and with regular maintenance, can last you for weeks on end. This is why it is not surprising that eyelash extensions have become such a huge hit with East Melbourne women today.

What are the different types of eyelash extension techniques in East Melbourne?

We offer three different types of eyelash extensions with respect to material and length – made from silk, milk and synthetic materials in lengths that range from 6mm – 17mm, at our upbeat Brunswick St. location. You can also choose from three different lash application techniques to achieve your desired look:

a. Classic Lash Extensions

The most affordable of all techniques, Classic Eyelash Extensions are very popular in East Melbourne. In this technique, one new lash is applied for each lash. It is one of the best ways to double your lash volume, and is preferred by those looking for natural eyelash extensions in East Melbourne.

b. Russian Volume Lash Extensions

These use a set of 6-8 ultra-fine lashes applied onto one natural lash. Not only are they customized and crafted by hand as per your taste, but volume eyelash extensions also one of the most advanced eyelash extensions available in east Melbourne and even Melbourne city today, and is sure to make heads turn.

c. Hybrid Lash Extensions

This is a blend of both Classic and Russian Volume Extensions. The result is a fluffier lash line as compared to Classic Extensions, but less volume when compared to the Russian Volume Extensions.

What is the procedure for eyelash extensions in East Melbourne?

The first step will be a consultation with our lash experts, who will ask you about the desired goals and style. You will get a better idea about how each of these will look like, and what style will best suit your face. Based on what you agree to, our experts will pick out extensions with a suitable length, curl and weight.

Then, all you need to do is just relax with your eyes closed, while our lash artist will attach the extensions one by one to your natural lashes. After you get your lash set, we will expose them to a gentle air flow for speeding up the drying process.

At Play Brow Bar, we use a specially formulated low fume adhesive which bonds the eyelashes in just a few seconds. The whole procedure might last anywhere between half an hour to a couple of hours at most, depending upon the look you’ve chosen.

Why choose us?

We are known as the undisputed brow and lash specialists in Fitzroy, and see a lot of clients for eyelash extensions from Northcote, Brunswick, Kew, Thornbury and other Melbourne, East Melbourne suburbs.  If transforming your look sounds like an exciting proposition, just call us and schedule an appointment with our experts.

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