Why is Eyebrow Threading More Popular over Other Hair Removal Methods?

Threading is actually an ancient way of removing undesirable hair. This effective technique of hair removal has been very much in use since time immemorial, in the Middle East and India. However, in recent times threading is slowly but surely gaining popularity as far as the Western culture is concerned especially, in the USA. Eyebrow threading has proved to be a fruitful alternative to the painful plucking and waxing. Even today there are still numerous people out there, who have no idea about the efficacy of threading. Here are some of the benefits offered by the threading process.

Use of No Chemicals

The process of threading involves absolutely no use of chemicals as opposed to other hair removal techniques. Threading only requires a super soft cotton thread. It involves no chemicals or artificial products that could cause any sort of allergies and irritations to your skin. Threading is best for all those people who suffer from a really sensitive skin that is so prone to developing rashes, redness, and itchiness, as threading is an all-natural hair removal method. Come and get an eyebrow threading Melbourne done for a glamorous look.

100% Safe

Eyebrow threading is really safe and would cause no harm or damage to your skin, unlike depilatory creams or wax. This is simply because the topmost skin layer is not traumatized or peeled and it involves no use of potentially damaging or harmful chemicals or even heat. Threading is good for people suffering from an acne breakout.

Accurate Results

Threading is superior to other techniques as it is able to shape eyebrows with incredible precision. In the process of threading individual hairs could be targeted and removed while at the same time multiple hairs could also be eliminated. Threading is known to combine the best features of both plucking or tweezing and waxing. It has the absolute accuracy of tweezing and combines it with the ability to eliminate a whole lot of hair simultaneously. Unlike waxing, the aesthetician doing threading has a clear view of exactly what she is doing all along. As there is no other stuff apart from the thread, there is, therefore, nothing to hamper the vision.

Less Pain Guaranteed

Threading is definitely much less painful than waxing or any other hair removal method. This could be because the thread is not supposed to touch your delicate skin while removing hair. The skin all around the eyes seem to be extra-delicate and super-sensitive, that is the reason why hair removal methods that are known to pull directly cause intense pain, unlike threading.

Saves Time

Eyebrow threading is quite a speedy process as compared to tweezing your eyebrows that would surely take an eternity as it involves removal of hair slowly one hair at a time. The threading professional simply weaves the thread around all those hairs that require being removed and then pulls the thread. This is a truly fast way and this process could be repeated till the shape of the eyebrow is not perfect. It would be taking around 5 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes to give a gorgeous shape to your eyebrows.

Threading results are long-lasting and it takes 2 to 5 weeks for hair to regrow. The effects last much longer than other temporary hair removal methods. Moreover, threading is a pretty cost-effective procedure. It is known for its affordability. No expensive chemicals or ingredients or devices are used in this process hence, a very affordable way of eliminating hair and shaping eyebrows beautifully!

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