Why Choose Threading Over Other Hair Removal Procedures?

 Why choose threading over other hair removal procedures?

Threading has always been an alternative option to waxing and plucking. It has gained popularity among women and now many are opting this method to get rid of facial hair. Threading has many advantages and we list you some of them to those who have always avoided threading due to some reasons.

No Chemicals

Threading is totally chemical-free unlike other methods of hair removal procedures. The beauticians use a soft cotton thread to remove facial hair. With no artificial products that get into the contact of your skin, threading doesn’t cause any irritation and itchiness. Choose salons that use fully organic beauty care and products.


Threading has a lot of precision as compared to waxing. Being able to remove one clean line of hair, the beauticians can shape your eyebrows perfectly. With the threading technique, one can achieve whichever shape one desires to.

Less Pain

It is a known fact that threading causes less pain than other hair removal techniques. The reason behind is that the does not come in contact with the skin during the process. The pulling process can cause much pain as the skin below and around the eyebrow is sensitive which is why waxing is not advisable.

Save Time

Plucking your eyebrow hair can be time-consuming and test your patience. With threading, you can get rid of har all at once. Eyebrow threading takes the least time as much as 15 minutes to complete the entire procedure.


Threading is definitely a safer option as it involves no chemicals and does not affect people who are on acne medication. These drugs make your skin thin and weak by undergoing waxing sessions.

Technique and Skill

Threading should be done by only skilled artists who are experienced. The precision of threading is an art and can be learned through a lot of practice. Always go to good salons and get it done from skilled beauticians for that perfect eyebrow shape.

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