Waxing Facts & Benefits

Waxing is an effective temporary hair removal method that is able to achieve exceptional results almost immediately. It could be done either at a reputed beauty salon under expert supervision or with a good DIY waxing kit in the privacy of your home. However, it would be better if you avail professional body waxing Richmond for best results.

Waxing gives you a super-soft, smooth and silky skin almost instantaneously. Waxing is supposed to be the most effective temporary hair removal process because its results are not only superior they are relatively long lasting when compared to the rest. Moreover, with waxing no spiky and unsightly stubble appear almost immediately. However, waxing is a relatively painful process when compared to the depilatory creams and shaving.

All Body Waxing

Waxing could be effectively used for eliminating hair from practically any part of your body. It is mostly used for hair removal from the arms, under arms, legs and bikini line. Other body parts where waxing is used quite frequently are the face including lower lips, upper lips, chin and eyebrows, the back and the chest. The areas, where waxing is strictly not recommended are eyelashes, ears, and nose.  Waxing on the male and female genital organs or nipples must only be performed by widely experienced, fully qualified and well-trained professional aestheticians because these are extremely delicate and vulnerable areas.

Host of Benefits

Relatively Long Lasting Smooth & Silky Skin

Waxing is able to eliminate hair right from its roots so it takes much longer for hair to grow back again. It takes almost 3 to 8 weeks for hair to reappear depending on an individual’s speed or rate of hair growth. This implies that you could flaunt your smooth silky hair-free body on the beach without having to worry about any unwanted body hair showing up.

No Skin Damage

Unlike shaving and depilatory creams, waxing does not result in pigmentation, cuts or foul smelling skin. Waxing does not use any harsh chemicals hence, no damaging effects on your skin.

 Softer and Finer Body Hair

Post the process of waxing, the hair that grows back seems to be softer and finer and definitely not hard and rough like you get after shaving. Waxing does not lead to any unsightly and spiky stubble that appear within a day of shaving.

Removes Hair & Exfoliates Skin

Waxing results in smooth, soft and rejuvenated skin as it is effective in removing not only ugly unwanted hair but also, exfoliating and removing the dead skin cells from the surface. You skin looks replenished, polished and you get a radiant glow.

Waxing Retards & Reduces Hair Growth

If you resort to regular waxing then you would be noticing after repeated waxing sessions that the hair growth is relatively much sparser than before. Waxing is effective in reducing and retarding hair growth. As opposed to this shaving would be stimulating hair growth as it is effective in removing hair from the surface not right from the roots.

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