Waxing is the most effective hair removal procedure. This simple procedure not only helps in hair removal but also keeps the skin smooth. Most people dread their body waxing appointments. The effectiveness of waxing depends on the skin too. Waxing can be done for almost every part of the body but preparing the skin for the same is very crucial. Waxing works for the tricky areas like bikini line and stomach too. It is necessary to prep the skin before the waxing session. See to it that you approach a professional for body waxing. The technique is very important in the waxing procedure. Right from the application of the wax to pulling the cloth strip, the waxing procedure needs to be carried out carefully. Go for body waxing in Carlton and flaunt your hairless skin for weeks! Make sure to communicate freely with your beautician before the waxing session. Here are a few tips to prep your skin for the waxing procedure.

  • Avoid moisturizing on the day of the appointment

Excess moisture on the skin is not good for the waxing procedure. However, before the waxing session, it is necessary to moisturize the skin daily. If the skin is laden with moisturizer on the day of the waxing session then it can create problems in the procedure. See to it that your skin is well-moisturized on the days leading to the waxing appointment.

  • Check the hair growth and length

The waxing strip should be able to have a grip on the hair and hence, it is important to check your hair growth before going for a waxing session. If the growth is too long trim it a bit with scissors. On the contrary, if the hair is too short then allow it to grow a bit. It is best to follow a three-week gap between waxing appointments.

  • Pay attention to skin irregularities

Before starting with the waxing session it is best to inspect the skin for moles, bumps, scars or any other irregularities. Additionally, if you have any injuries on the area to be waxed then it is best to delay the appointment.

Make sure to approach a well-experienced beautician for body waxing in Carlton.

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