Some Frequently Asked Questions about Eyelash Extensions

If you do not have the patience or even the time to keep applying fake lashes every day, you could consider using eyelash extensions for convenience. If you are not too sure whether to go ahead with eyelash extensions, you could go through these frequently asked questions and their answers. You need to be aware of the facts about eyelash extensions before taking the final plunge. Remember to go to a reputed salon in Melbourne to get your eyelash extensions done for a truly fascinating look.

What are the different kinds of lash extensions?

There are basically, three kinds of lash extensions. They are silk, mink, and synthetic lash extensions. The eyelash extension size would be varying from 6mm-17mm. After you have chosen the lashes, they are applied using semi-permanent glue that has been specially formulated. This glue would not be causing any eye irritations or lead to any sort of damage to the natural lash. As the glue could trigger allergic reactions, you have access to diverse types of glue that are mainly based on an individual’s level of sensitivity.

How much time is required for the application?

Application of a complete set of lashes would be involving a couple of hours and could be maintained throughout the year with regular touch-ups preferably every three or four weeks. A half set seems to be really economic and is pretty effective in achieving the almost similar dramatic finish. These are used primarily as fillers for thickening natural lashes.

What if the glue actually, gets into eyes?

First of all, you would be getting your eyelash extensions done only by an experienced professional who is adept at the job. So, there is no question of the glue getting into your eyes. Hence, no irritation. But to be on the safe side, you must always use safe and high-quality glue that does not contain any harmful substances. Moreover, if you are getting your eyelash extensions done in a good salon in Melbourne, the licensed technician would make sure that no infection takes place. However, in case you are allergic to glue, you could get allergic reactions.

When to get your eyelash extensions redone?

Eyelash extensions would be lasting for at least six-eight weeks.  You must consider keeping your eyelash in top condition at all times. So you must go for a lash maintenance process once in every three to four weeks for really more attractive eyes.

Is showering and swimming allowed just after the eyelash extension session?

Do not wet your newly done eyelash extensions at all, for 12 to almost 24 hours post application or even after touch-ups. Water may cause the adhesive to weaken before it is well-set and this could lead to your lashes falling off. However, after-care actually, would be varying according to the kind of glue used.

Can Mascara be worn?

If you are thinking about wearing mascara on your extensions, just do it on only the extension tips and that too with an ultra-light touch. Avoid using mascara at the extension base as that might get quite clumpy. Do not use waterproof mascara.

Hope the above-discussed questions should have cleared all doubts from your mind. So head to your nearest salon in Melbourne for getting eyelash extensions done today.

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