Reasons Why Body Waxing Is Preferred Over Shaving

Waxing is known to be quite a cost-effective, quick, convenient and long-lasting hair removal technique. You could easily get rid of unsightly and unwanted hair by body waxing. It effectively helps removal of hair right from the roots so no hair re-growth for at least 3 to 6 weeks.

Where Can You Use Waxing?

Waxing could effectively be used for removal of hair from practically every part of the body. However, it is usually used for getting rid of hair on your arms, legs, bikini line, and underarms. Waxing is often used for removal of undesirable hair from face including lower and upper lips, chin and eyebrows. Waxing is not recommended for removing eyelashes or hair from inside ears and nose. Waxing on male and female nipples and genital organs must exclusively be done by trained and fully-qualified professionals because these areas tend to be really vulnerable.

Waxing Better than Shaving

If you just fed up of shaving or do not have time for regular shaving or getting skin irritations from shaving, it is time you opted for waxing. Here are some advantages of waxing over shaving:

• Waxing is known to pull out the hair right from the roots so effects last longer.
• It involves no nicks and cuts.
• Unlike shaving, it causes no rashes on sensitive skins.
• Unlike shaving, waxing often makes re-growth of hair finer and much slower.
• Waxing leaves your skin feeling really smooth as hair is actually pulled out straight from the roots. Shaving on the other hand could leave stubbles and your legs may feel abrasive and rough.
• Unlike shaving when waxing is done your skin would be less susceptible to all kinds of irritations related to shaving. There would be less scope for ingrown hairs in body waxing.
• As opposed to shaving, hair-removal creams and some other hair removal processes, waxing causes no skin damage. It does not result in badly smelling skin, pigmentation, or cuts. Also, as waxing does not involve the use of any harsh chemicals the skin is safeguarded against any sort of damaging effect.
• Waxing results in exfoliation as well as hair removal. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and completely revitalized as it is effective in eliminating the layer comprising the dead cells from the skin’s surface. This is how it helps in exfoliating the skin in addition to hair removal.
• Waxing is really effective in diminishing hair growth. After regular waxing sessions for a considerable period of time, you would be noticing definitely sparser hair growth and in many cases, hair growth would even be stopping eventually. In contrast to this it is believed that shaving would be stimulating hair growth. This is chiefly because shaving involves removal of hair not from the roots but only superficially at the surface.

Body waxing is growing in popularity by the day. Today even men are going for body waxing in increasing numbers. If you are looking for reliable body waxing Moonee ponds it is time you visited one of the reputed salons here that boasts of a skilled staff and offers perfect body waxing services.

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