Put an End to your Doubts about Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash curlers, fake eyelashes, and dependence on mascara are things of the past now. Women who look for beautiful, chic twirls are increasingly resorting to eyelash extensions. These look great, are low maintenance and give you whatever look you want, whenever you do. However, it is quite understandable if you have inhibitions. Luckily, experts are there to help you out.

How many types of eyelash extensions are there?

Eyelash extensions are available in three varieties: silk, mink, and synthetic. They are found in a large range of sizes, ranging from 6mm to 17mm. They are applied one at a time to each eyelash, using special semi-permanent glue which holds without having any effect on the eye or the natural eyelash. There are different types of glue too in case you are allergic to a particular one.

How long would the entire application process take?

It would take approximately two hours to apply a full standard set of eyelash extensions. You will be required to visit the stylist for touch-ups every month or so. You could, however, go for the quicker and more economical half-set of lashes, which cover around 60% of your lashes. These have an incredible effect on the eyes and are a great place to start. If you like them, you could come back and get the rest done.

What happens if the glue they use enters your eyes?

Firstly, you should consult your eyelash extensions Melbourne stylist or lash artist and find out for sure if they use non-formaldehyde, safe and standard glue for this purpose. Also, your eyes will be shut throughout the process so there really is no chance of the glue making its way into them. In case you feel any irritability or see watering in your eyes, it could be serious; stop the procedure immediately and head over to a medical professional to figure out whether it is inflammation, infection or an allergic reaction. These are, however, all extreme cases and usually never occur if you have visited an expert stylist.

Is blindness a risk associated with the process?

No, it isn’t. All technicians are properly trained in the methods and techniques, to apply lashes safely and correctly. Even if you get a serious allergic reaction or infection, blindness is definitely not a possibility. A couple of eye drops will probably fix it all.

Is it normal for extensions to fall after some time?

Every extension is latched to a single eyelash, so it will fall out along with the lash itself, after completing its natural cycle. Poor quality adhesive could also be a reason. You should also avoid pulling at your lashes, as this could loosen them.

Do extensions damage the natural eyelashes?

This is probably the biggest myth or taboo associated with the practice of using lash extensions. If installed properly, they will most definitely not harm your lashes. However, if you rub your eyes, or tug at the extensions, you could risk damaging the follicles and loss of eyelashes. However, if applied properly, lash by lash, there is absolutely no risk involved.

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