Hybrid Dye – Here’s Why You Should Get It!

Perfect brows often take ages to accomplish. And we have all been through some regrets after having a botched-up experience with eyebrow threading! The hours spent every morning using makeup to give our brows a fuller look is yet another bane. And while makeup is fun, it can only do so much.

With brow tinting, the ordeal did become easier. However, imagine having to spend a fortune every two weeks to get your brows tinted. It surely isn’t worth the dent in your savings if it only lasts so long. Acting as the perfect solution for sparse brows, the hybrid dye has people aflutter with the effects it offers and the longevity of the results! A single procedure is enough to keep you going for weeks!

Here are all the reasons why you should get that hybrid dye!

It lasts longer than tint!

If you love having your eyebrows on fleek every day and need to get it tinted often, the only thing you need is a solution that lasts longer. Hybrid dye does just that. While a brow tint temporarily tints the outer side of the hair on your brows that last about 2 weeks, hybrid dye lasts much longer by penetrating deep enough to colour your brows for about 6-7 weeks and stay on the skin for about 2 weeks.

It is quick and efficient

One of the many reasons why professionals push customers for hybrid dye procedures is that it is quicker than henna while giving results that last as long. Further, hybrid dyes are known to also colour within the gaps for people with sparse brows, resulting in an overall gorgeous look.

Getting a hybrid dye is painless

With the procedure for hybrid dye being as simple as it is, the process is painless, leaving behind an all-natural look. So, if the pain is what you’re worried about, the hybrid dye has you covered.

It is ideal for most women

Women who have sparse or thinning brows, or tend to spend hours perfecting their brows every morning with makeup are ideal candidates for hybrid dye. All of the other perks of the procedure make hybrid dye perfect as a lasting solution for most women.

The process is non-invasive

Any hybrid dye procedure a professional carries out involves a good amount of consultation and analysis. Once the best shape for your brows is identified and agreed upon, the dye is simply mixed, applied, and taken off after 20 minutes. And voila! You have the perfect brows for 6 weeks!

It requires no maintenance for about 6-7 weeks

With hybrid dye giving you the perfect brows, you need no maintenance or makeup to shape your brows the way you like for about 6-7 weeks. So you can now spend more time doing other things you love instead!

If you have been on the fence about trying out the procedure or needed some push to help you decide for a hybrid dye trial, this is your sign to go and get your fabulous brows without fretting!

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