How to Tackle Skin Problems After a Body Waxing Session

How to tackle skin problems after a body waxing session?

The moment you hear body waxing, there are multiple questions that run in your head. Also, a lady who just is done with her body waxing will often complain about the red bumps on her hands and legs. Isn’t that true? Well, that is why we recommend you aftercare!

So, what is aftercare?

Aftercare is the care that should be taken between your waxing sessions to achieve better results. Taking proper care of your body is essential to prevent it from unnecessary problems.

The most common side effects of routine body waxing are red bumps and breakouts. Other problems can include ingrown hair, itchiness and folliculitis after a waxing session. Even if the beauticians make the process easy and pain-free, the pulling of hair makes it worse. The pulling results in redness and swelling although, the red bumps exist only for a few hours.

Applying a serious serum post body waxing can do wonders. It contains soothing ingredients that make your skin smooth and hydrated.

In order to make your waxing session last longer, we suggest you use an exfoliating product from the day of your wax. Every skin is different and hence it is important to know what suits best for your skin. However, the formula is to hydrate your skin and keep it smooth by applying moisturiser and serums.

While doing body waxing it is essential that you inform your beautician about your skin allergies and the same applies to facial waxing also. The face is the sensitive part and your medication can make your skin thin and prone to red bumps and swelling. On being unsure about the skin sensitivity, we advise you to do a small patch.

Be sure to cleanse your skin prior to your body waxing appointment. Experience a pain-free body waxing session at Play Brow Bar and Lash in Carlton North at reasonable prices. Feel free to call us if you have any queries regarding body waxing services.

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