Henna and Hybrid Tint – What’s the Difference?

If you love your brows to bits, we know how a thin, sparse brow can make you feel. But the good news is, we have tints that can transform your brows and make you slay every day. Want to know what tint can give your brows that defined arch? Here’s a little read to help you understand the difference between henna and a hybrid tint, and what’s the right one for you.

Henna Tint – A Natural Dye for Your Brows

A popular choice of tint among people for its use of natural ingredients, henna is a natural dye used to stain the hair and skin, offering an eye-catching effect. While not permanent or as lasting as a hybrid tint, henna brows are perfect if you’re unsure of how the brows will turn out and need something that doesn’t stay on too long.

The Benefits of Henna to Tint Your Brows

Think henna is the right choice for you? Here’s what you need to know about henna for your brows:

  • Henna is a natural colour unlike a hybrid tint.
  • It gives your brows a soft, natural appearance.
  • It is semi-permanent, staining your hair and skin for not more than 4 weeks.
  • It is made using leaves, stems, and flowers from the henna plant, with no harmful chemicals added to the dye.

If you have sparse brows, henna dye is perfect to tint the hair and skin, making your brows look filled in.

Hybrid Tint – Your Solution for Long-Lasting Brows

A dye that is lasting and intense, a hybrid tint is a blend of permanent and semi-permanent dyes that help give your brows a fuller effect. If you’re looking for brows that are more defined and vibrant, there is no better way to go than a hybrid tint. Like henna, the tint stains both the brows and the skin, adding definition and longevity to your brows.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Tint for Your Brows

Want a more permanent dye for your brows? Here’s every reason to choose a hybrid tint over henna:

  • Hybrid tints are long-lasting, often staying about 4-5 weeks.
  • Hybrid tints offer a more vibrant and intense colour to the brows.
  • These tints are perfect for light hair or to cover your greys.
  • Hybrid tints offer a better finish to your brows than a henna dye.

If you have thin brows that appear sparse, a hybrid tint can give it a definite shape and fullness with its intense colour.

Hybrid or Henna – What is Right for You?

Don’t know which is the right option for you? Here’s what you need to ask yourself when choosing between a hybrid or henna tint –

  • How lasting do you want the tint to be?
  • Are you looking for a tint that appears subtle and natural?
  • Do you want a more defined shape to your tint?
  • Is your skin type ideal for a hybrid tint?

If you’re interested in something subtle, henna is certainly a better choice. A hybrid tint, on the other hand, will give you a more definite shape and lasting colour. Your skin type will also play a crucial role in determining which of the two treatments is ideal for you. In most cases, hybrid tints do not offer prominent results for individuals with oily skin.

You can choose between a hybrid tint or henna depending on your preference, the results they offer, your skin type, and your aesthetician’s recommendation. No matter what your preference, we’re here to help you get brows that enchant.

Want to know more about the brow tints we offer? We’re happy to help! Visit Play Brow Bar for a consultation today.

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Shelley B M (SBM)
Shelley B M (SBM)
Wow incredible job! So quick and painless. That was an amazing threading experience.
Crystal Berry
Crystal Berry
I’ve been to Play Brow and Lash bar twice now and I have such a good experience every time. I get the keratin treatment and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my brows. I also get brow threading and a tint and I have left happy every time. The ladies are so kind and their service is beautiful.
Shirley Wu
Shirley Wu
Great job done by Ninu!
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Katelyn Persich
Great service :)

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