Facts that Make Waxing a Better Alternative to Shaving

When it comes to removing hair from the body, people earlier used to prefer shaving as the only applicable method. Over time, they realised how painful and inefficient the procedure of shaving is and started seeking new alternatives. One such alternative to shaving is waxing, which is fairly the most effective treatment for unwanted body hair removal. With shaving, the resurfacing of hair is fast, which is quite the opposite with waxing that removes hairs from their very roots.

There are many reasons that make body waxing at Carlton a great alternative to shaving and why more and more people prefer this method over anything. Here are some of the facts that describes why waxing is one of the best hair removal techniques:

No Painful Cuts

This is probably the biggest reason why most people of this generation disregard shaving and opt for waxing. No one likes to work sharp razor blades on their soft skin that has more chances of getting an undesirable cut. The scenario becomes worse when you are shaving unwanted hairs in delicate regions of the body like neck or groin, a cut can increase the risk of infection and inflammation. However, with waxing, you do not have to worry about any sort of painful cuts. Although there is a minimal amount of pain when removing the hair with waxing, you cannot feel any pain when the procedure is supervised by an expert. Enjoy your smooth and flawless skin with body waxing at Carlton.

The Effects Last Longer

Since the application of wax is to pull the hair strands out of their roots, unlike shaving the hair takes a long time to grow back. With waxing, you do not have to use blades every day for restricting the growth of unwanted body hair. Also, regular use of blades is not good for the health of your skin, as it can get rough and turn red due to the force of the blades. Waxing helps you in keeping your bare skin smooth and there are no signs of redness or irritation at all.

Regenerated Hair Is Lighter

Another big benefit of waxing is that the regenerated hair is much lighter and thinner compared to the results of shaving. Apart from that, regular waxing generally causes weaker hair follicles that lead to less visibility of hairs in the body portions that have been waxed. The case is completely opposite with shaving which results in thicker hair, owing to the blunt ends of the hair root.

Say Goodbye to Stubble

With the advancements in the beauty and cosmetic niche, manufacturers now produce waxes with moisturising abilities. These types of waxes are used in full body waxing at Carlton to make the skin soft for a better and painless hair removal session. Besides, the presence of moisturiser allows the area to become smoother after waxing, which means there will be no stubble appearing in the areas that have been waxed.

Finally, these advantages of waxing make it a preferable treatment over shaving. The best after results and long-term effect is the main reason why most people like to go for waxing other than any other hair removal therapy.

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