Dos and Don’ts for Henna Brow Tinting

Henna brows have become a go-to option for a lot of people who generally spend hours trying to get the perfect brow shape. If you have heard rave reviews about henna brow tinting, you are not alone. A lot of people root for henna brow tinting over other treatment options, and for good reason. Not only does the henna treatment offer ideal results but also gives you a brow tint that lasts longer than regular tint.

So before you decide to make an appointment, you need to keep a set of dos and don’ts in mind.

The Dos for Henna Brow Tinting

Here’s everything you need to do for a henna brow tinting procedure:

Find the right colour: Using a henna tint that horribly contrasts your hair colour or your skin can give you an overall look that is less than ideal or satisfactory. Before you begin the procedure for henna brow tinting, make sure you have the right colour.

Carry out a patch test: Since colours containing paraphenylenediamine might need to be mixed with lighter colours to reach the tone suitable for you, carrying out a patch test will help avoid a great deal of mess and regrets. You will need a patch test about 48 hours before the actual procedure.

Keep the surrounding area protected: Unless you have had a lot of practice going over the shape of your brows, the henna tint is bound to go beyond the shape of your brows and onto the surrounding skin. Creating a barrier using a moisturising agent on the skin surrounding your brows can keep the area protected from tinting, leaving the perfect brow-tinted shape at the end of the procedure.

Seal in the colour: Once you have undergone treatment for henna brow tinting, you need to seal the colour onto your brows by using brow fix or a similar agent every day after the procedure. This will keep the tint lasting longer.

The Don’ts for Henna Brow Tinting

Here is everything you need to avoid before, during, or after your brow tinting procedure:

Get a fake tan before or after the procedure: If you plan on getting your brows tinted, you need to avoid getting fake tans a week before the brow tinting procedure and a week after.

Use exfoliating cleansers that are harsh: Once you have had your brows tinted, you need it to stay for as long as possible. Using exfoliating cleansers that are harsh on or around your brows will strip the tint off of your brows quicker.

Get it a day before an event: While brow tinting is a simple procedure, you must always allow a few days between your procedure and any important event. In case of any mishaps during the tinting procedure, you will have enough time to rectify the error before you attend the event.

Before you opt for a henna brow tinting procedure, make sure you go through the list of things you need to follow and avoid for the perfect outcome.

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