Discover Facts about Eyelash Extensions

If you talk to the ladies who have got eyelash extensions done already, they would tell you what a luxurious and enjoyable process it actually is. You are supposed to simply lie down, and you could enjoy a soothing music in the background while an expert technician goes about attaching light feathery lash-like things to your existing natural eyelashes. There is a wonderful opportunity for a busy working adult to take a relaxing and revitalizing nap while the process takes place. You could get eyelash extensions done by professionals if you visit any reputed beauty salon in Melbourne.

Is Eyelash Extension Job Customizable?

Yes, of course. You could choose the exact length you want. Most salons would be offering extension lengths ranging between 9 mm to 15 mm. Most women settle for somewhere between 10mm and 12 mm. You may choose the kind of curl you are actually looking for. Most people who would like to look natural would be choosing the J curl while some of you would be opting for the C curl that is certainly more dramatic. You could get carried away by creativity and choose C on the lashes’ outer edges and ask for J on the inner parts of the eyes.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Eyelash Extensions?

There are three kinds of lash extensions: silk, mink, and synthetic. They are available in sizes ranging from 6mm -17mm. The eyelashes would be attached to the original ones using a special gum for the purpose so that no irritation is caused to your eyes and no damage is done to your natural eyelashes.

How Much Time Is Taken For The Entire Process To Be Completed?

It takes about a couple of hours to apply a complete set of eyelashes and this could be maintained all through the year with regular touch-ups after every three or four weeks. You must understand and appreciate the fact that everyone has a different kind of eyelashes and according to the natural lashes’ condition, the length and thickness of the extensions are determined.

Can I Wear My Regular Makeup With Them?

You could wear a little bit of eyeliner but it is better to avoid liquid-based eye makeup products as they could be damaging your lash extensions. You must stay away from using mascara as your extensions could get damaged. Frankly speaking, your eyelash extensions would be accentuating your eyes and enhancing your overall look so there is no need for any additional eye makeup. Now you could look glamorous with professional eyelash extensions from the best salon in Melbourne.

How Frequently Do Lash Extensions Require Getting Redone?

Lash extensions would be lasting for about two months or so. It is a good idea to get a light lash maintenance done every three to maximum four weeks. Touch-ups are great for an attractive and fresh look.

Do Eyelash Extensions Fall Out After Some Time?

As each eyelash extension is applied over the original one, the extensions are bound to fall out eventually after a complete-growth cycle that takes place naturally, for each and every lash. It is essential to opt for a professional touch-up once in every month or so. Your extensions would be falling out if you are constantly picking at them or trying desperately to pull them out. Avoid these temptations and allow your lash extensions to remain intact. Get proper eyelash extensions done by experts at a Melbourne salon.

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