Different Types of Body Wax for Waxing

Body waxing is a monthly ritual followed by every woman in Brunswick. Every woman likes to flaunt hairless soft hands and limbs. But how in life, everything doesn’t seem fit to all. Same is the case with different types of body wax that are available. One has to choose a particular wax depending on their skin type, hair growth else they would end up having allergies and other side-effects.  

Let us see the different types of body wax.
Soft Wax

Soft wax which is also called as a strip wax is ideal for larger areas of the body. It is spread on the body part directly with a wooden or metal spatula and then pulled off with a cloth in the opposite direction. Strip wax give you a softer and smooth skin post the body waxing session.

Hard Wax

Sensitive areas of the face and body parts like upper lip, underarms ad bikini areas can be waxed by hard wax. This wax is usually warmed and then applied directly onto the skin. Once it cools down, it is pulled off in the opposite direction just like the soft wax.  

Fruit Wax

Fruit wax works exactly like the hard wax and is suggested for sensitive skin. It is made with fruit extracts which makes it antioxidant and fruit rich. It is much softer than the normal wax and nourishes the skin. It is costlier than the normal wax but is totally worth the money if you have skin issues post the session.  

Chocolate Wax

This is the costliest yet effective wax for body waxing. It leaves your skin gentle, moisturised and removes the dead skin. It is infused with glycerine, soya bean and almond oils which makes the skin soothing. It is less painful and will make you have an amazing body waxing experience.

At Play Bro and Lash Bar in Brunswick, you can have access to all the above types of wax for body waxing and choose the one which suits you best. If you have any queries, feel free to call us.

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