Choosing the Right Pair of Eyelash Extensions

Getting eyelash extensions done in a popular salon is a daunting task. There are several factors which you should take into account while doing so. The type of eyelash, its length and its upkeep are few aspects which of eyelash extensions which you should consider.

To let you know the ins and outs of eyelash extensions, we have come up with a detailed explanation of the above three factors for you to understand to have those envious pair of eyelash extensions.


First and foremost, choosing the right lash diameter is essential. You have to determine the diameter of the eyelash extension with your natural eyelash. Ideally, the aim should be to match the natural diameter, but you can opt to go on a thicker side than the natural.


The second most important thing that you must be mindful of is the length of the eyelash extension. The primary goal of lashes is to extend them but however, the right length shall determine its beauty. Whether you want to go subtle or full, drastic or usual. The longer eyelashes will look feathery while the shorter one closer to the natural eye-lash will look fuller and give a darker appearance.

The perfect type

Eyelash extensions are primarily found in three types including synthetic, silk and mink. The qualities of these types of lashes are different from each other. It comes down to how your natural eyelashes are. If you own thick coarse hair, synthetic lashes which are heavier can support your natural lashes. While women who have lighter hair should rely on silk eyelash extensions as they are lighter in weight as compared to synthetic eyelashes. As far as mink lashes are concerned, they suit everyone. But a person who has thicker eyelashes can opt for mink lash. It will make the lashes look soft and fluffy. However, mink lashes are very expensive as compared to others.

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