How is Botox Treatment for Lashes and Brows Carried Out?

Keeping eyebrows on fleek has led to several discoveries that have helped people have brows that are on point! While many people are aware of henna tinting and brow lamination, a simple botox treatment for your lashes and brows is yet another discovery that does the trick. The botox solution is readily available in stores and can be used based on the instructions they come along with.  

A simple 15-minute procedure can give you the lashes and brows you dream of, saving you a great deal of time and effort every morning trying to make your brows and lashes look gorgeous.

If you are a first-timer, though, we do suggest taking the help of a professional!

While it may sound a little unnerving, a botox treatment for lashes and brows is safe and can easily be carried out within 15 minutes if the instructions are followed carefully. Generally, botox for lashes and brows is combined with the lamination treatment for a better effect.

Vital Factors during a Lash and Brow Botox

While a lash and brow botox treatment is safe and easy to undergo, one can feel anxious when undergoing the procedure for the first time. If you’re someone intending to get lash and brow botox, here are some vital points to remember:

  • Read up on the procedure. Whether you intend to carry out botox treatment for your lashes and brows yourself or plan to visit a professional, knowing the procedure can help keep you calm throughout the procedure, which is sure to make the overall outcome better.
  • Since the eye is sensitive and treatment around the eye can often cause anxiety, it is essential that stay calm throughout the procedure. Panicking during a botox procedure can cause other areas to be exposed to the botox and have unwanted after-effects.
  • The botox treatment for lashes and brows makes use of natural oil and wax available as brow and lash botox. To be applied, the contents involved in the procedure must be of a single consistency.
  • The botox should be applied with the help of a micro brush onto the eyebrows and lashes. This helps keep the botox away from the roots and the eyes. Silicon rollers are also often used to help apply the solution to the brows effortlessly.
  • Once the botox has been applied to the brows and lashes, it needs to stay on for about 10 minutes or the prescribed time mentioned on the product. One must make sure not to overly exceed the time required for the exposure.
  • Any botox remaining on the lashes and brows should be carefully removed using a micro brush.

Carrying out the botox treatment for your lashes and brows by yourself can be unsafe if you aren’t aware of the procedure or haven’t done it before. The chances of pulling off the procedure without exposing your eyes to the product is a risk better avoided. To make the treatment easier and the outcome effective, visiting a professional who is known to carry out lash and brow treatments can help a great deal.

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