All You Need to Know for Maintaining Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions help in boosting your confidence. Your eyes look amazing and you look really attractive when you use eyelash extensions. Opt for the wonderful eyelash extensions Melbourne for a more natural and attractive look. However, they come with few responsibilities. You need to know the ways to take care of your eyelash extensions so that they last longer and continue to look great. Here are a few important things that you should know about eyelash extensions before you take the final plunge.

Never Lie Down or Sleep Face Down

Many people have the habit of sleeping face down. They cannot feel comfortable unless they sleep with their cheeks sunk deep into their soft pillows or nose completely crushed into the pillows. This habit is truly detrimental to the maintenance of your eyelash extensions as they would be going out of shape and they would be getting crushed. So if you wish to flaunt your eyelashes for a long time, remember to curtail sleeping with face down.

Say Bye to Mascara

You need to give up the habit of wearing mascara because it may be containing waxes and oils and would be requiring a lot of effort to get rid of the mascara. Eyelash extensions must not be exposed to any oils as that would be melting the glue. Moreover, mascara is actually not required if you have eyelash extensions. Avoid wearing extensions on both your eyelids as these would cause a lot of discomfort if they get entangled. It is better to opt for upper-eyelash extensions for comfort and convenience. Visit a professional salon offering eyelash extensions in Melbourne for enhancing your overall looks and follow the dictates.

Avoid the Use of Eyeliner

Just like the mascara, eyeliner is not essential if you are sporting eyelash extensions. You could simply use eye shadows and complete the look by defining the outer edges using a darker shade. Eyeliner is not compulsory, it could be pretty challenging to remove and wash off the eyeliner. Your eyelash extensions should be always free of gunk and should be squeaky clean at all times.

Remove Makeup Gently

It is a good idea to be gentle while removing makeup, especially, eye makeup if you are using eyelash extensions. Remove makeup thoroughly from the entire face minus the eyes with the help of and a high-quality water-based cleanser. You could then carefully soak a clean cotton bud in a water-based makeup remover for removing efficiently, the eye makeup.

Blow Drying the Eyelash Extensions Help

You should not leave your eyelash extensions wet. Use the blow dryer to dry them at first and obviously, for ensuring a perfect setting of your eyelashes. It is quite effective if you use the blow dryer 10 seconds every day on each eye. Use the blow dryer on a cool setting and remember to place it conveniently away from the lashes.

Opt for a look that really complements your personality. Decide if you wish to look natural or you want a gorgeous or dramatic look. You must choose top quality eyelash extensions in Melbourne for enhancing your beauty and safety.

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