Aftercare Tips for Brow Lamination

A procedure that gives your brows the perfect shape and shine for a long period of time, brow lamination is steadily gaining popularity everywhere. The procedure involves a number of steps that give your eyebrows a fuller look without the need for makeup to enhance how it looks. Whether you have thin or unruly brows, a treatment for brow lamination can give it an even look that stays for long.

Compared to most other options brow lamination is non-invasive. The entire procedure takes only about an hour. However, you must take care to follow certain instructions, especially in the 24 hours immediately following the procedure.

The Need for Aftercare

A brow lamination treatment has almost no downtime. This means you can simply visit a professional and get a brow lamination procedure done during your lunch break and be back to work! What many do not realise, however, is that not taking good care immediately after a procedure can damage the brow hair and lead to less-than-satisfactory results.

Your treating specialist is sure to give you a number of instructions to follow for brow lamination aftercare to ensure that the effects of the procedure last long. Make sure you follow all of these:

Avoiding exposure to excessive moisture

If you have just had a brow lamination treatment done, we advise you to avoid wetting your lashes as much as possible in the next 24 hours. Whether it is taking a bath or sauna steam, postpone the task for a day to make sure you give the procedure time to show the right results.

Avoiding rubbing the eyes

Although the procedure is non-invasive with almost no downtime, you must take care to avoid rubbing the eyes or accidentally rubbing the brow area. This includes not sleeping on your front. Make sure you steer clear of touching the brow area excessively.

Avoiding makeup of any kind

If you are fond of makeup or tend to use makeup every time you step out of the house, we recommend staying home for the next 24 hours after a brow lamination treatment. Using any makeup or product on or around the brows can cause irritation or tamper with the results of the procedure.

Using a conditioner for your brow every day

While you must avoid getting your brows wet immediately after the procedure, we advise using a conditioner designed for brows every day once you are past the 24-48 hours of observation. You can find quite a number of nourishing conditioners that can strengthen your brows and make them look even more fabulous.

Make sure you find out all the right aftercare products for your brows to ensure the longevity of the results. How you take care of your brows after a brow lamination will also determine how long the effects of the procedure might last.

From the conditioner to the oils that you need to use, your professional therapist can help you choose products suited to your skin type and needs, allowing you to have stronger and more beautiful brows for a long time.

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