5 Tips to care for your eyelash extensions

Who doesn’t want to follow a care routine for that newly eyelash extension which have been done? But what can bother you is how to take proper care of those set of eyelashes.

Well, we list you 5 easy tips to follow

1. Keep your lashes clean

The most essential thing of all is to keep your eyelash extensions clean with a lash extension-safe cleanser. Choose eye makeup remover that is oil and alcohol-free which has a good pH balance.

2. Go oil-free

While you choose to buy any skincare product for eyelash extensions, make sure they are oil-free. Oil-based products are a complete no-no while taking care of the eye-lashes. In order to increase the longevity of your eye-lashes, oil-free labelled products should be a top priority. We recommend you to read the ingredients on the labels if you are unsure of the product.

3. No more mascara

One should completely avoid using mascaras as they tend to reduce the life of eyelash extensions.  Why do you even need to do that when you already have such beautiful eyelash extensions? If there is an urgent need to wear one, then try using water-based mascaras. We recommend you to only use one layer of mascara and that too at the tip of the lashes

4. Avoid water contact

We advise you to limit moisture exposure on a regular basis as it can affect the longevity of the mascaras. While you need to take care of that, regular activities of swimming and washing face are absolutely safe.

5.Regular appointments

The most important of all is to stick with your regular refill appointments every 2 weeks which will ensure your lashes look the best every time. Because, in order to follow a care routine, you need to have those long lashes, right? Do not delay as it can get worse and you might need a brand-new full set of eyelash extensions which can be expensive than maintaining one.

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