5 Facts on Body Waxing

Body waxing has seen a drastic change in the beauty industry since the time it had been introduced. There have been a lot of myths about body waxing amongst women consumers. However, not all are true.

Here are 5 Facts about Body Waxing 

Hair Grows Sparser and Finer after a Waxing

Body Waxing eventually debilitates the follicle. With regular waxing sessions, the hair becomes sparser and finer. The hair growth reduces to a good extent and you can see the results within a few months of doing it. 

You can Diminish Pain While Waxing

Because everyone’s pain threshold is varied, there are several ways that makes waxing less painful. For instance, pain killers before the waxing session, application of a numbing cream or creating a pleasant atmosphere in the salon are a few examples that can lower the pain.  

Waxing does not Lead to Wrinkles or Saggy Skin

It is a misconception that body waxing causes wrinkles and sagging skin. If the skin is held tight while waxing, the pulling will not cause a change in the collagen which is in the deep layers of skin, that primarily causes sagging.

Avoid Shaving between Waxing Sessions

It is advisable to stay away from shaving in between waxing appointments unless they want to delay them. Shaving makes them lose their schedule, stimulates fast growth and changes the texture of the hair.

You should Avoid Tanning after a Waxing Appointment

Spray tanning or natural tanning is strictly prohibited after a waxing session. The pores are open while the skin is recovering and can cause infection or irritation. The results of spray tanning will probably be uneven and patchy.

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