Women always want to be at the top of their styling game and will never compromise on new trends. Whether it’s about the new popular hair colour or wearing the latest trendy outfit for the occasion, they ensure to always look great. Which is why even Spray Tanning is one of those trends that women don’t hesitate to try.

Here are few things that you have to be careful before going for spray-tanning !

1.Shaving is advisable before 12 hours of spray-tan.

It is beneficial to shave 12 hours before spray tanning as it produces new skin cells and removes troublesome hair that can help our tan last longer. Shaving acts as a mild exfoliant.

2.Beware of chlorine

Mild exposure to chlorinated water has a negligible effect on the spray tan but extended time in the pools can eventually bleach the tan from your skin. Be sure to pat yourself dry when you’re done.

3.Prevent excessive use of lotion

Do not apply body lotion before going for a spray-tan. Also, post the treatment, too much of moisturising can be unfavourable to the life of your tan. Use lotions that are lighter in moderate levels than the heavier lotions in body butter.

Why choose Play Brow Bar?

At Play Brow Bar our professionals use Tuscan Tan’s latest technology for outstanding results. Our spray tan solutions are conducive for all skin types and can achieve any desired depth of colour. The Tuscan tan that we use is easy to dry and has no peculiar smell that can irritate the customers. It lasts for seven or more days with proper care before evenly fading.

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