Advantages of Using Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have truly revolutionized the world of aesthetics. Nothing could more effectively accentuate your eyes than eyelash extensions when done by specialist beauty therapists in Melbourne. Women across all age groups are taking help of eyelash extensions to highlight their eyes and look gorgeous like never before. Here are some advantages of using eyelash extensions.

Increasing the Volume & Length

Mascara is routinely used by many women. Mascara is used for an apparent boost in volume and length. Many women use false eyelashes to look young and beautiful. Eyelash extensions help to give the appearance of naturally full, thick, and dark eyelashes. Extensions are the way to go as they last for almost 4 weeks and necessitate a very short time in your chair.

Look Awake and Youthful

Your eyes really open up with the use of eyelash extensions. The added length acts as an instantaneous eye lift without the need for any procedures. You would look really youthful and gorgeous as long eyelashes brighten up your entire face. Try the eyelash extensions from the best beauty spa or salon in Melbourne.


Many women rely on mascara and they spend a lot of time each day on the proper application of mascara. They could now save a few minutes every morning as they would not have to spend so much time on their makeup anymore. Once eyelash extensions are done efficiently, you could now safely get rid of mascara altogether from your daily beauty regimen. Eyelash extensions are actually attached with a kind of skin-friendly gum to the existing natural lashes. These are already curled nicely so you would no longer need to use eyelash curlers anymore. Many women roam about confidently without any makeup once they get eyelash extensions done in a reputed salon based in Melbourne. Their eyes look gorgeous as they are, thanks to the eyelash extensions.

Some Interesting Eyelash Extension Questions & Answers

What is supposed to be the best thing about getting eyelash extensions?

The best thing about eyelash extensions is that you would no longer need to struggle with flakes and clumps caused by mascara as it dries up.

What are some of the popular eyelash extensions?

Mink, synthetic, and silk are the main types of eyelash extensions. You could choose the size of these extensions as per your preference. These eyelash extensions are found in all sizes and you could choose any size ranging from 6mm to as long as 17 mm. Choose the most premium eyelash extensions that are compatible with your lifestyle and personality.

How long is the procedure?

It would be requiring almost 1.5 to 2 hours completing the attachment of eyelash extensions. You must come to the salon sans any makeup and be prepared mentally to devote some time from your regular schedule

How frequently should I reschedule my appointment?

You must reschedule your appointment within just 3 weeks. This could keep or retain your favourite eyelash extensions forever, of course, with some periodic refreshers. Refresh appointments generally take about an hour and you could come for refresh appointments anytime every 2 to 3 weeks. Schedule your appointment today for the best eyelash extensions in Melbourne.

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