Getting the right amount of summer glow is on everybody’s mind. Spray tanning is the safest way to get that perfectly tanned body. Just booking an appointment with a professional spray tanning centre is not enough you should also prepare your skin for the process. People prefer to go for a spray tan instead of soaking themselves in the sun because the spray tan process eliminates the possibility of sun damage. Exfoliating the skin right can give amazing results. Professionals for spray tanning in Carlton are reliable. When you exfoliate your skin for spray tan pay special attention to the knees and elbows. Apart from preparing the skin for the spray tanning process, it is also necessary to focus on its aftercare. Avoid using perfumes and deodorants right after the spray tan procedure. Additionally, also refrain from taking hot water baths after the process completion. Here are 3 things you must avoid before getting a spray tan.                                     

  • Keep your skin free from medication

If you apply acne ointments or lotions skip them before the spray tanning session. Applying these products can affect the results of the spray tan. Consult your spray tan professional beforehand for the same. Some ointments and medicines can lead to uneven results too.

  • Avoid too much sun exposure

Try to spend time indoors right before your spray tan appointment. Excess of sun exposure can hamper the spray tan results. In some cases, it can also cause the peeling of the spray and skin.

  • Avoid beauty treatments before the spray tan session

People tend to go for facials and waxing sessions before their spray tan schedule. Facials tend to open the skin pores which can be harmful during the spray tan process. Similarly, waxing also opens up the pores and can give an uneven result. Reschedule your spray tan session if you feel your skin is still recovering from the grooming and beauty treatments!

Opt for spray tanning in Carlton and get gorgeous looking skin!

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